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Ollantaytambo, Peru- The last fortress of the Incas

Ollantaytambo, Peru- The last fortress of the Incas

Ollantaytambo Peru is a priceless gem that only a few Peruvian tourists are aware of and is located at the end of the Sacred Valley of the Incas just before Machu Picchu.

So for those who are wondering whether it is worth the visit, keep on reading this complete guide on Ollantaytambo to find out its history, what to see when you are there, the ticket prices and much more!

Ollantaytambo, Peru – the last fortress of the Incas

What is Ollantaytambo?

Ollantaytambo is also known as the last fortress of the Inca. It is the second-best preserved ruin in Peru built somewhere around the mid-15th century.

The Ollantaytambo ruins are stunning and a lot more accessible than most other attractions of Peru. They are located 30 kilometres away from Machu Picchu.

Ollantaytambo, Peru – the last fortress of the Incas

What can you see in Ollantaytambo Peru?

Although it’s frequently referred to as a fortress, relatively few of the buildings were used for military purposes. The jaw-dropping views will be worth the tiring hike.

The temple hill is unquestionably Ollantaytambo’s most noticeable feature. According to the tales uttered by local tour guides, the hill was constructed in the shape of a Llama. The Llama can be seen fairly clearly if you look closely at Ollantaytambo from the adjacent mountain: four legs, a tail and a head. This is where you can see the famous platforms of Ollantaytambo.

You will also come across the Six Monoliths; The unfinished structure was likely a part of the Temple del Sol or the Temple of Sun. According to records, each stone of the Temple of the Sun weighed more than 50 tons.

Ollantaytambo Peru inside:

It’s still unknown how these rock formations were moved here from the quarries in one piece! Another mystery is why it wasn’t completed. However, historians suggest that it might be due to attacks that the construction projects were abandoned.

The Enclosure of the Ten Niches is another smaller but equally significant structure located straight at the summit of Ollantaytambo. A row of windows is what it appears to be. The entry is guarded to the right by a stunning doorway. A perfect fit is achieved between each stone, which is a distinctive feature of Incan architecture.

Then you will be entering a small garrison which is called the Balcon Pata. This section is extremely fascinating because a few old granaries have been rebuilt here, while also making way for the exquisite terraced platforms where Incans formerly grew corn and potatoes.

Another elegant attraction is the Princess Bath. It is known as the Banos De ñusta, a fountain with beautiful Inca carvings and architectural styles. Descending could be made from the back of Ollantaytambo without returning to the Temple of the Sun.

Ollantaytambo, Peru – the last fortress of the Incas

When can you visit Ollantaytambo Peru?

Ollantaytambo can be best visited in the dry season of Cusco, preferably between April to October when the weather is good.  It’s kept open from 7 am to 6 pm throughout the year and the entry ticket, which is not a single one, but the Cusco Tourist Ticket combining other attractions costs 130 soles.

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